Welcome to the Blackjay blog which emanates from Southern Tasmania, Australia. Hence our title and banner: the Black Jay  (Strepera fuliginosa) is endemic to Tasmania.

We live in a strange age in which predictions of immanent environmental catastrophe are mainstream while those who doubt this are termed “deniers” and regarded as some sort of lunatic fringe.  This is a direct consequence of the politicization of science and a drift away from the Enlightenment values on which it was originally based. Among the causes of this drift are the following:

  • The influence of militant Environmentalism on policy and funding.
  • A drift away from observation and experiment towards a form of mathematical idealism whereby a mathematical description or numerical model only has to be internally consistent in order to be accepted as a valid description of the real world.
  • A general dysfunction of publication and peer review.

Our mission is to restore the physical sciences to an empirical and less doctrinaire basis and to provide a vehicle for an alternative views of the physical world.

The biological sciences seem to being doing very well and are excluded from the above commentary. Perhaps this is because they have retained  a healthy regard for experiment and observation.

Comments and guest posts are welcome. Rudeness and the imputation of scurrilous motives will not be tolerated. The standard of discussion should approximate that of a University Department’s morning tea room.

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John Reid, Editor, 11 Dec 2014