Peter Ridd asks for help

Prof Peter Ridd. Picture Cameron Laird
Prof Peter Ridd. Picture Cameron Laird

Peter Ridd is taking legal action against JCU to preserve his ability to speak about matters pertaining to the quality of GBR science. He got into trouble after making a comment on TV saying that he did not believe that the science coming from two of our science organizations was trustworthy and was given a final censure and told to remain quiet about the matter. He has no intention of accepting the final censure or complying with the order to remain silent and would rather be fired than accept this situation. JCU also used some quite intimidating techniques including reading all his emails in order to find a further 25 examples of what they called misconduct (see link below for details). They were particularly unhappy that he would not remain silent. Even emailing his wife about the matter resulted in further accusations of misconduct. Not the sort of behavior that we should expect from a respected university.

The problem with dodgy “science” is of obvious interest to the community and it is very important that dissenting views can be aired without threats or intimidation. There have certainly be plenty of those against Ridd.

So the request: He has organized a crowdfunding site to help pay his legal costs and is making a call that involves all his networks both in Australia and internationally, but especially locally in North Queensland. John Roskam from the IPA is helping out with his networks. He is personally spending about $24K himself and the IPA has thrown in another $20K. He will need another $95K according to his lawyers and is hoping to get broad support. The other reason for using the crowdfunding platform is that it gives the opportunity for donors to make commentary with their donations and he is very keen for people to make their feelings felt, and most importantly for JCU, AIMS and others to be able to read those comments.

He could have just accepted the censure and instruction to remain silent, and just faded away into retirement, but he has chosen to fight the case.

He has prepared a web page with all the information so that people can make up their own mind

… and the crowd funding site is here

He would be most grateful if you could send this request to anybody you know who may have an interest. He would dearly like to demonstrate broad support if possible.

This is what it is all about:

Doesn’t he understand? His comments could affect funding!