Welcome to Blackjay coming to you from Tasmania, Australia. Our new header is a view of the upper Derwent Valley near Gretna in early spring. Our logo is a Black “Jay” or Currawong.

This Edition

This edition includes a Guest Post from Mathematician, Desmond Sander. It is his take on the movie The Man Who Knew Infinity shown on SBS recently. The film stars Dev Patel as Srinivasa Ramanujan, an Indian mathematician at Cambridge University during World War I. He becomes a mathematical pioneer under the guidance of G. H. Hardy, portrayed by Jeremy Irons.

Des and I have also been having an interesting conversation about the Carnot Cycle and the nature of theorems vs thought experiments over at http://fluidcatastrophe.net/?p=923

Highly relevant to discussions we have been having here and here is this recent article in Science News How the Universe Stopped Making Sense. If the link doesn’t work you can download a copy here.

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