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This Edition

Dark matter rears its ugly head again. We look at how black holes “eat” angular momentum and how this might provide an alternative explanation of observed galactic dynamics in A Black Hole is a Faraday Cage


Richard McCure takes an insightful look at the unconscious motivations which underlie belief systems in The Mahout, the Elephant and the Path.

We also have sly dig at how researchers pitch their discoveries to support the essential global catastrophe narrative in Global Warming and Volcanoes.

Australia needs an alternative to to air and sea transport to connect the major population on the eastern seaboard. A high speed rail has been suggested many times  but has always been abandon because of the prohibitive cost of the track. Geoff Hudson takes a radical new look at the issue and and suggests we redesign the bogie to use existing track.

Many of the world’s major rivers are polluted with solid plastic waste and plastic is now even incorporated into the behaviour and  diet of lantern fish near remote Macquarie Island in the Southern Ocean. This edition includes a  Guest Post from chemist, Richard McCure, proposing we deal with plastic pollution in a sensible way:  Why don’t we just Burn it.

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